Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventure in Special Ed

Both Friday and today I subbed in special ed at a local High School. Both days weren't bad, but the were both an adventure and a test of patience.

Friday I woke up a little late so I didn't have time to eat my breakfast before I left. I brought some bread, apple slices, and a handful of walnuts in a paper bag along with my lunch that I'd prepared the day before. I nibbled on my breakfast a little (after getting permission) from the teacher while I helped out my student. I had to leave the room for a few minutes to help a kid out in the library and by the time I got back my paper bag was gone. I thought someone had just thrown away the bag, not realizing I still had food in it, until I noticed another aide eating MY walnuts!!! Ok, deep breath, is it really a big deal? I decided to let it go.

Then I took my 15 minute break and when I got back I noticed the yogurt from my lunch was outside my lunchbox, opened, and HALF EATEN! The kids had been having snack so I have no idea if one of the kids got into my lunch or if it was the other aide again (I was also missing a cheese stick and an orange--bye bye most of my lunch--thank goodness my pizza was still there in the hidden compartment!)

Now, I keep my food safely locked in my car!

Today, I had another adventure. I got slapped in the face by a kid--twice. And scratched--twice. Most special ed classes are really nice to subs (they know it's hard to keep a good sub). Usually they give us the easiest kids and have us work closely with other aides. Today, not so much.

I was called late for the job (the sub system's been down since Friday). When I got to the school the teacher was like, "Oh, your kid just left with that other teacher...go catch up to them and he'll help you out. They're heading for the gym" Okay, no problem. I go and catch up to the student; the teacher who was "watching" her was on the other end of the hallway. I follow, but soon he's around a corner and I've lost him. Thank goodness I learned on Friday where the gym was. Unfortunately, my student didn't want to go to the gym. I'm there, alone, with a kid I just met who is pretty insistent that she's not going to listen to me. After a couple slaps and a lot of chasing (thank goodness she wasn't a fast runner) we were almost to the gym. Finally one of the aides I met on Friday spotted me and helped me get her into the gym. Problem was, no one from her class was in the gym (I later learned they were on the track)! We return to the classroom and I let the teacher know what was going on. What a fabulous first 30 minutes to my day. The rest of the day wasn't too bad, and a couple more slaps and scratches later I got to go home. All in a 1/2 day's work.


  1. Lunchtime tip: Put your lunch in the teachers lounge fridge

  2. Hi! I found your blog through KauaiMark. I never take the special ed classes only because at the sub orientation training at the beginning of every year, the spec. ed. department pleads with all the subs to please take the jobs and then they tell us that we could be doing anything from tutoring in math to changing diapers. No amount of money could entice me to change a high school kid's diapers, so I won't chance what might be good jobs just because of that. If they were to say, "this is not a diaper job" on the call-in, I might do it.