Monday, October 26, 2009

New Blogger

I've been subbing since May and decided to start blogging about my experiences, probably venting is more like it :-) I have read a lot of fabulous teacher blogs, but SUB blogs seem to be in short supply (Just a Substitute Teacher seems to be the only good one I've come across). I wanted to add a new voice to the discussion.

I chose the name for the blog because I sub everywhere (well...everywhere I have the guts to). Last week I tutored special ed one-on-one (classified job--for those of you who don't speak "school" classified is jobs you don't need a teaching certificate for, and they pay $4-$5 less/hour), kindergarten, 4-8th grade private school German (I don't speak a word!), and junior high English (first time I've worked up the courage to sub for junior high--my internship was in kindergarten!)

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  1. "...only good one I've come across"

    There are others...